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Principal Director

Joe Aguilus, MBA



Joe is the founder of Aguilus Solutions which is focussed on helping its clients build their future in Australia.

Aguilus Solutions embraces diversity, including serving the LGBTI community, and provides for all its clients access to reliable premium immigration and business consulting services from its well qualified, experienced and highly skilled staff who hold a genuine desire to help organisations and people in both Australia and around the globe.


Australian Immigration & Citizenship Consulting

Business, Investment, Working & Skilled Visas

Studying & Training Visas


Family & Spouse/Partner Visas


Visitor Visas


Visa Cancellation Reviews


Visa Decision & Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Reviews


Australian Citizenship


Complex Immigration Issues, including Schedule 3, PIC 4020, Health and Character.


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Other Consulting Services

Human Resources & Industrial 
Relations Consulting

Career & Education Counselling

IELTS Test Preparation

Our Fees

We offer competitive rates based on the complexity of the matter plus additional expenses e.g. application fees, etc.

Call us now to discuss how we can offer favourable and competitive rates for your specific needs.


A copy of our submission letter can be view on the Department’s website. The PDF document version can also be

In 2020, Aguilus Solutions has participated in reviewing the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs (the Department) discussion paper titled

Have you ever felt anxious about what your future would be like if you failed to pass an English assessment such as IELTS?