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Australian Immigration & Citizenship Consulting:

Business, Investment, Working & Skilled Visas

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Studying & Training Visas

Family & Spouse/Partner Visas

Visitor Visas

Australian Citizenship


Visa Cancellation Reviews

Visa Decision & Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Reviews


Complex Immigration Issues, including Schedule 3, PIC 4020, Health and Character.

Other Consulting Services

Human Resources & Industrial Relations Consulting

Consulting services to Australian businesses regarding employee’s life cycle such as but not limited to recruitment and selection (including onboarding), training and development, employee relations and industrial relations. We also help company with policy development, and the development of employee communications and handbooks.

We provide Australian immigration assistance to employers who wish to sponsor a foreign worker(s) to work at their company based in Australia.

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Career & Education Counselling

We have over 10 years’ experience providing executive and career Coaching with proven result.

For prospective international students, we provide assistance to find a suitable course(s) and education provider(s) for you in Australia.

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IELTS Test Preparation

Meticulously designed for immigration purposes and more! Cover all components of IELTS plus bonus materials and tips.

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